Reconditioned Engines for Private and Commercial Vehicles

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Reconditioned Engines for Private and Commercial Vehicles

Reconditioned engines represent great value for money when compared with new engines. Most of the parts in an engine are long lasting and almost immune from wear or damage so a remanufactured unit with new parts replacing the worn components can be just as reliable and effective as a brand new engine. But as so many expensive elements are being reutilised the cost is much lower even though a full warranty can be offered.

Our speciality is in providing reconditioned engines for the full range of commercial vehicles including trucks and lorries, coaches and buses, construction vehicles, vans and pickups. We also provide reconditioned engines for private vehicles, vans, cars, motor homes, etc. Both petrol and diesel units can be provided and always at very competitive prices.

As well as reconditioned engines we also source and supply other remanufactured vehicle components such as gearboxes, cylinder heads, transmissions, propshafts and turbochargers. As with engines our prices are way below new items and we provide full warranty on all the components we sell. Don't forget that as well as saving money you are helping to recycle valuable resources saving both raw materials and energy.

To use our service call us on 01905 391007 and speak to our knowledgeable sales specialists. Alternatively email us or visit the reconditioned engines section of our main website. We can take payments by credit or debit card, cheque or bank transfer.

The technical support we offer is second to none and if required customers can speak to a dedicated technical team to discuss any quality or operational concerns they may have. Our sales team liaises with both our customer and the fitting garage to ensure smooth supply of product and reduction of any delays.

Our operation offers a next day delivery service anywhere on the UK mainland for by far the majority of our extensive range of products. All units are supplied on a service exchange basis and the old unit is collected from the fitting premises at a later date when the vehicle is back in service.

Remember that reconditioned engines can save you a lot of money and can often be delivered more quickly than a new unit which may have to be shipped in to the UK from overseas. As well as supplying parts to private individuals and commercial organisations we also specialise in meeting the requirements of public sector organisations such as police forces, ambulance services, fire and emergency services, local authority waste disposal organisations, etc.

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